Noise Assessments

shutterstock 6017020It can be difficult dealing with the regulation of more subjective parameters, such as noise and odor.  Unfortunately, noise is often regulated under “nuisance” ordinances such as “not to interrupt the quality of life for nearby residents”.  To deal with such qualitative regulations, it is important to work with an experienced group that provides sound methodology when developing any responses.

Noise complaints are, more often than not, handled at a local level where agency staff are too often ill-equipped and inexperienced with such issues. Regulations based on qualitative/descriptive standards make it difficult to respond to noise complaints and without a quantitative standard often result in long, drawn out negotiations.  RTP’s scientific noise evaluations provide information to guide realistic objectives to allow swifter resolution to all parties. In instances where quantitative standards exist, RTP’s experience can assist the implementation of a well designed and compliance noise study to respond appropriately.  Since noise assessments are case specific, please contact an RTP office for more detailed information on how we can help you.