Wetland Delineations & Water Quality Certification

shutterstock 60198634RTP has staff to perform and evaluate wetland and water quality issues at your site.  Our team of experts has performed wetland delineations in accordance with Federal, State and local requirements.  Often the United State Army Corps of Engineers (USACOE) is the lead with respect to wetland approvals and authorizations.  RTP has ecologists, scientists, engineers and geologists that understand the nuances of wetland characteristics.  RTP staff can provide desktop evaluations to provide preliminary site information regarding the existence of listed wetland habitats.  In addition, RTP staff can provide a review of site soils, based on available soil survey data, to direct potential wetland site work.

A wetland delineation requires specific on-site activities to define wetland locations based on three (3) criteria; vegetation, soils and hydrology.  RTP staff is knowledgeable with identification of natural resources including vegetation listed as wetland species.  RTP also understands the characteristics of soils associated with wetlands and knows what to look for when it comes to hydrology characteristics of an area.  RTP can perform wetland delineations to obtain the necessary documentation and prepare the appropriate report in support of your project.  RTP can also provide assistance with determining applicable permits and then prepare the necessary application and assist with regulatory agency negotiations.

Depending on the agency, wetland permitting may also require a Section 401 water quality certification.  RTP staff can assist your project with a Section 401 authorization as well.  By defining the project requirements prior to commencing site activities, suitable data can be obtained and tasks can be streamlined to efficiently address all permitting needs.  In most cases, a Section 401 certification review is conducted at the same time as the Federal agency review. Further, many States have established joint permit processing to ensure this occurs. RTP understands the need to balance Federal and State concerns to minimize bureaucratic enmity and obtain efficient processing and reduce over reaching and redundant requirements.