Toxic Release Inventory (TRI)

shutterstock 97613651Toxic Release inventory (TRI) is a publicly available EPA database that contains information on industrial chemicals. EPA requires chemical users, producers and recyclers to report industrial chemical information annually.  The TRI report is based on facility operations and typically includes two (2) steps.  The first step requires a detailed assessment of chemicals produced, manufactured or otherwise used at the facility.  The second step entails documentation of “releases” of said chemical and must include a determination of releases to air, land and water.

TRIs are submitted annually, on July 1, by certain industries as well as federal facilities.

RTP has assisted numerous clients with the preparation of TRI reports to comply with applicable rules.We have prepared complete inventories to assist clients determine applicability to TRI as well as to determine reporting requirements.RTP prepares back-up documentation for facility records and also can assist with reporting and on-going TRI regulatory revisions to maintain compliance.