shutterstock 58782805RTP provides comprehensive services to assist clients in preparing and obtaining environmental permits and preparing plans required under the Clean Water Act.  Our team of experts regularly assists clients with both simple and complex needs associated with wastewater discharge permits, individual NPDES storm water permits, Multi-Sector General Permits and various other storm water general permits and Section 404 Wetlands Permits for our clients.  RTP also provides pollution and spill prevention plans such as Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP or SWP3), Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures Plans (SPCC), and Facility Response Plans (FRPs).

RTP’s experienced staff is well versed in interacting with Federal, State, and local agencies and participating in pre-application conferences, appeal hearings, public hearings, and agency audits and inspections. We can successfully assist clients in the preparation of permit applications, permit negotiations, response planning, and pollution prevention planning.  We can also provide compliance assistance for implementing and maintaining water programs.  RTP can assist with on-site training requirements associated with water plans and permits as well.  Our core water services areas include: