Advanced NSR Workshop

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The Advanced NSR Workshop provides a comprehensive working knowledge of the manner in which EPA is interpreting the Clean Air Act New Source Review (NSR) rules and the documents that establish EPA NSR policies. One of our instructors is Gary McCutchen, a Principal in the RTP Raleigh, NC office and former Chief of EPA’s NSR Section. Mr. McCutchen is widely regarded as the leading authority on NSR and PSD and has instructed thousands of professionals on the intricacies of the regulations, EPA policy, and practical implementation. This course assumes a basic knowledge of the NSR air pollution permitting rules. It highlights the most important of the over 2,200 policy documents issued since 1974 interpreting the NSR rules. Both the Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD) NSR program (which applies in attainment and unclassifiable areas) and the Nonattainment Area NSR program are covered in this course.

Workshop attendees include professionals from industry, various law and consulting firms, and agencies. The diverse backgrounds and levels of experience of the attendees lead to extremely informative and productive discussions, which are an important benefit. As attendees have the opportunity to become more informed about many of the finer points of NSR, they enhance their opportunity to work together productively in the future.

The workshops are conveniently scheduled twice a year at various locations. Private workshops are available on request and have proven particularly popular with agencies. The workshops are 4 full days in length.

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