Environmental Management Systems

shutterstock 73381360RTP provides services in the development and implementation of Environmental Management Systems (EMS) to conform with the ISO 14001 standard as well as for site specific needs.  RTP will work with different management levels in an organization in preparing EMS documentation and procedures.

RTP can provide specific technical assistance in the development, implementation, and maintenance of procedures and programs for various elements of an EMS such as:

  • EMS Manual;
  • Identification of environmental aspects and significant impacts;
  • Operational control procedures;
  • Identification of legal requirements;
  • Environmental objectives and targets.
  • Training requirements;
  • Internal and external communication procedures;
  • Emergency preparedness and response procedures;
  • Monitoring and measurement requirements and procedures;
  • Calibration, maintenance, and recordkeeping for monitoring equipment;
  • Procedures for evaluating relevant compliance requirements;
  • Identification, maintenance, and disposition of records procedures; and
  • Corrective or preventive action procedures.

RTP can also provide third party audits of an organization's EMS or participate in first party EMS audits within the organization RTP can assist a facility in responding to appropriate corrective actions and surveillance/monitoring, recordkeeping and reporting. >RTP has staff members with Registrar Accreditation Board EMS certification and experience as contract auditors with a major registrar.