Wastewater Management

shutterstock 42966823RTP’s experts are well acquainted in wastewater management and permitting.  Wastewater can refer to a wide array of discharges, including but not limited to, process effluent, non-contact utility water, boiler blowdown, hydrostatic testing discharges, sanitary discharges, leachate, rinsate and any number of industry specific streams.  RTP has worked with various industries to define and mange wastewater to effectively comply with applicable regulations while meeting facility requirements with cost-effective, flexible programs.

In addition to specific process streams, water treatment chemicals (WTCs) must be carefully managed to maintain compliance with applicable requirements.  RTP can provide reviews of WTCs in support of facility operations with a focus on environmental requirements.  RTP can also provide assistance with evaluations of wastewater treatment options, as it relates to discharge volume, quality and quantity as well as potential impacts to other regulatory programs (i.e.: air and waste).  RTP is able to assist with evaluations for determining potential discharge paths, such as discharges to surface water, POTWs or underground injection control (UIC) wells.  RTP will also identify alternative waste treatment options, such as zero liquid discharge (ZLD) or recycling opportunities that can be utilized by a project to minimize wastewater discharges and control effluent quality.